Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Testing the Warrior Athlete

I have the unique opportunity to be a small part of a world class research team that is applying musculoskeletal screening methods used in college and professional sports to the Warrior Athlete. (Warrior Athlete = Military Personnel). The MP3 (Military Power, Performance and Prevention) study will allow us to better identify movement asymmetries, rate and rank them and then follow the soldiers gaining insight into what risk factors are the most meaningful for each MOS . After we gain this new insight we can then begin to give each occupation and then each individual what they need to decrease their potential injury risk.
While watching PT I was excited to see pull up frames, monkey bars, kettlebells, tires, sledge hammers, and more being integrated into the morning routine. We are making our way back to solid training programs similar to the 1914 and 1941 training manuals. What an exciting time in our profession of health and fitness. Get out there today and get functional, train hard, have fun.