Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where to begin- improving sports physicals

Ok here we go, you decided to improve the pre participation physicals you offer to athletes in you hometown. Next get a copy of the required form for your state and governing association. Look it over and make sure you are able to meet the required minimum. Recognize that most things on the form are not modifable risk factors, understand that as a profession we are getting much closer to being able to offer accurate, efficient and affordable cardiovascular screening in mass testing, but we are not there yet. Neurocognitive testing is currently accurate, efficient and affordable and should be included in your physicals. Musculoskeletal screening has traditional consisted for performing orthopaedic "special tests" which when positive, are not modifable unless you are a surgeon. This is where we,, come in. Accurate, efficient and affordable Musculoskeletal screening is available & you should be performing these measures on your athletes: Functional Movement Screen, Upper and Lower Quarter Y Balance Test, Hop Testing, CKC Dorsiflexion; and you should be comparing your athletes to the same peer group (age, gender,sport,competition level).  All these matter! You should be giving your athletes an "Injury Risk Classification". We are here to help you do that. I know it can be a daunting task, I know what it is like to have 400+ athletes and only be given an hour or two each year to perform physicals and I know you desire a better way. Again check out and stay tuned as I will continue to walk you through the steps. You can screen 200 athletes in a few hours and give them meaningful classifications, and individual corrective exetcises, and correctly identify who needs orthopaedic consult, who needs athletic trainer attention, who needs the strength and conditioning coach. You can do better.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Changing Pre-season physicals- long and lonely process

Step one- admit that we are capable of offering our athletes a better service. Step two- question everything currently on your physical form. Step three- make change. Don't worry, I know that it is really not that easy, but I also know it can happen. One of my goals is to help you. I will continue to walk you through the steps we took, the mistakes we made and the evolution we are driving. #sportsphysicals

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Time for a meaningful Pre-participation Sports Physical

As a Certified Athletic Trainer, I have guided thousands of athletes thru their pre- season screen. Seven years ago my colleagues and I turned high school physicals on its head. We questioned the utility of the physical form required by our state and wanted to make our participation meaningful. We wanted to identify those at greater injury risk, and do.something about it BEFORE THE SEASON. Most states have a check list for physicians to sign off on that does  little to nothing to prevent or even modify future injury risk. We changed that. We started a research line that has shown tremendous promise; We can now accurately identify musculoskeletal injury risk; and prescribe the correct interventions for each individual, on the same day of the physical. I challenge you to make a meaningful change to your athletes pre-screen. Stay tuned to learn more about our history and how we developed our approach. If you can't wait:  

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Corrective Exercises

The Right exercise, given to the Right person, at the Right time.
How do you ensure that you are offering this to clients in your program design?
Answer: Standard Operating Procedure. The Functional Movement Screen.