Athlete Durability & Injury Risk Reduction Programs

Athlete Durability & Injury Risk Reduction Programs

“The object of a course in physical training is to attain the development of the physical attributes of every individual to the fullest extent of their possibilities”. (Adapted from the Manual of Physical Training, United States Army 1914)

Training at Tank Gym is based on developing a strong foundation of correct fundamental movement patterns before adding fitness and performance training. Just jumping into high intensity training and blindly working towards a fitness goal is an injury waiting to happen. 
This is why every Tank Gym training program begins with a Functional Movement Screen™ (FMS) and Upper and Lower Quarter Y Balance Test™ (YBT). The FMS is designed to expose an individual’s fundamental movement impairments, and the YBT to assess balance and postural control in a dynamic way which has been shown in the sports medicine research to identify an individuals potential injury risk. An individualized Movement Corrective Exercise Program is then designed to address limitations and eliminate asymmetrical patterns. The effectiveness FMS and YBT have been proven by research and are used widely in professional sports, college and high school sports to correctly identify and categorize athletes prior to beginning training programs. Using dynamic, body weight, exercises we begin training programs that are specifically designed on the individual’s goals. 
Performance Testing 

By improving fundamental movement patterns and eliminating asymmetries we begin to set a solid foundation upon which athleticism can be built. This essential step should be and is the cornerstone of our training programs. We begin all of our training programs by measuring these fundamental movements to establish a baseline and guide our initial exercise program. As our program progresses we re-assess and re-test to gauge effectiveness and guide progression. These object measures provide our trainers the feedback necessary to deliver the best results and meet your goals.

Use the same testing as professional athletes for your sports team.  Our method of preseason testing has been proven to predict risk of injury and direct strength & conditioning programs.  Similar testing is used by the Indianapolis Colts, Columbus Crew, English Premier League, Oklahoma City Thunder, Women's Tennis Association, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays and several other professional sports teams and military groups.

Kettlebell Training

Don’t trust your kettlebell training instruction to just anyone. With only certified and experienced trainers, we ensure that you will learn the most effective and safest form. All of our trainers have attended and successfully completed multiple Kettlebell Certification courses offered.
Our Kettlebell training programs emphasize the importance of correct exercise technique above repetition quantity.

Once technique has been mastered with the essential exercises (Dead-lifts, Swings and Get Ups) we will develop training routines and programs around these and higher level exercises to propel you towards your goals.

Bicycle Fitting

Improve your cycling performance:
A Properly fit bicycle has the potential to improve comfort and efficiency as well as decrease energy expenditure and possible injury. All levels of recreational and competitive cyclists will benefit from a well-designed, research based approach to fitness and bicycle fit.

 A professional bike fitting at The Tank Gym is the best way to optimize riding position and improve athleticism while decreasing functional asymmetries. Eliminate discomfort and enhance your cycling performance with the proper bike fit.  We use the latest research in injury prevention and performance enhancement to determine your optimal positioning.  This service is a must for triathletes and cyclists.  Combine this with a Functional Movement Screen™ for even greater benefits.


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