Monday, March 17, 2014

Dr. Mark Cheng Prehab-Rehab 101- The Groundwork Progressions

Dr. Mark Cheng Prehab-Rehab 101- The Groundwork Progressions

In previous posts & podcasts I have talked about developing Dynamic Shoulder Stabilization which is based on the concept of a neurodevelopmental approach to strengthening and stabilizing. Prior to introducing generalized strengthening & sport skill on post surgical and rehab patients we need to re-establish normal baseline movement patterns. We humans are amazing animals- When we are born into the world we have all the bones, muscles, nerves and “hardware” necessary for interaction and locomotion in our new earthly environment. But we really only have basic use and activation of a few neuromotor groups initially: the heart muscle pumps the blood and the diaphragm muscle pumps the lungs. It takes us months and months of attempts and failures with persistence leading to successful programming of our movement software. Soon after birth we begin to gain use of our eyes and mouth, head and neck, progressing to arms and legs; we begin engaging in our environment and learn rolling from our back to belly and belly to back; then on our tummies we learn head lifting against gravity, then progress up to propping on our elbows then pressing on hands and reaching. Soon something catches our attention and we yearn to “get to it”, we learn hands and knees postures, sitting, kneeling and eventually standing. All of these wonderful skills require trial & error, success & failure, every failed attempt leads to a rewriting of the movement software. This is how we learned it and earned it the first time, why do we try to shortcut the process later in life when recovering from injury and surgery?. Why do we skip the foundational movements when treating our clients with the latest/greatest exercises and techniques during their recovery process?

Over the years I have been blessed with an abundance of opportunities to continue to learn first hand from the leaders in the field of human movement. Each of these opportunities has allowed me to grow professionally and better develop the techniques and exercises that I have available to me in my rehab tool box.  

Thanks to the outstanding work of Laree Draper and the folks at we all have another outstanding learning opportunity that is now available.

Dr, Mark Cheng ‘s latest project  

“Precision, Fine Detail, & Awareness….lead to “owning the movement”. Dr. Mark Cheng opens his newest education DVD Prehab-Rehab 101- The Groundwork Progressions   by briefly describing his approach to developing postural stability in athletes and clients by focusing on the “Precision, Fine Detail, & Awareness” that is necessary to build a solid platform upon which global movements and athlete skill is placed.  Dr. Cheng’s latest educational offering walks clinicians and personal trainers through a well thought out progression of exercises that integrate the neurodevelopmental perspective into a functionally meaningful program that will complete your floor-work programs. I am excited to add these progressions to my scapulothoracic stabilization and strengthening progression and would recommend this disk set as a place to further develop yours.