Thursday, October 18, 2012

Return to Play- Mental Preparation of Athletes

As Athletic Trainers we spend a great deal of time and effort preparing our athletes physically for their return to sport participation after injury & surgery. Another aspect that we need to address is their mental preparation. Having a better understanding of the individuals expectations and concerns creates an opportunity for us to do a better job of facilitating a smoother transition back to sport. Dr. Weiss, PhD., ATC has prepared a great primer on this topic:

Mentally Preparing Athletes to Return to Play Following Injury

Windee M. Weiss, Ph.D., ATC
University of Northern Iowa

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

When Should we Return Athletes to Sport?

As Athletic Trainers and Sport Clinicians we are in full swing of treating post surgical athletes. What conversations are we having with parents, athletes and coaches about the athletes return to play expectations and timelines? What objective measures and tests are we using to base those decisions on?
Here is an article from JOSPT (Journal of Orthopaedic & Sport Physical Therapy) that sheds light on what we should be doing.

Keep up the good work!