Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Time for a meaningful Pre-participation Sports Physical

As a Certified Athletic Trainer, I have guided thousands of athletes thru their pre- season screen. Seven years ago my colleagues and I turned high school physicals on its head. We questioned the utility of the physical form required by our state and wanted to make our participation meaningful. We wanted to identify those at greater injury risk, and do.something about it BEFORE THE SEASON. Most states have a check list for physicians to sign off on that does  little to nothing to prevent or even modify future injury risk. We changed that. We started a research line that has shown tremendous promise; We can now accurately identify musculoskeletal injury risk; and prescribe the correct interventions for each individual, on the same day of the physical. I challenge you to make a meaningful change to your athletes pre-screen. Stay tuned to learn more about our history and how we developed our approach. If you can't wait: WWW.move2perform.com  

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