Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pre-Season Testing Team Reports

Standardized testing and Descriptive Summary reports.

Q: How do you communicate the musculoskeletal health of your team to medical and coaching personnel?

Q: How do you show that your training programs (Strength & Conditioning) or rehabilitation approach (Evaluation & Treatments)  are positively contributing to team performance metrics?

Q: How do quickly and accurately identify negative trends?

Team Summary Reports are a must for determining the readiness of your team for training and competition. They should offer a quick yet detailed snapshot of the teams overall performance, & guide clear recommendations for directing the right interventions to the right person at the right time.
With a Team Summary report (or an individual comparison report which we will discuss in a future post) we can quickly identify which individuals are ready for
A) Generalized & Sport Specific Training Programs
B) Generalized & Sport Specific Training Programs with Individualized Corrective Exercises
C) Individualized Training Programs & Individualized Corrective Exercises
D) Individualized Evaluation & Assessment by appropriate medical personnel

With detailed reporting we can make clear recommendations for teams and individuals based on objective measures. Detailed summaries also allow us to monitor the impact of those recommendations with repeated testing & comparison to baseline/ normative performance values.

You should be using a standardized system to administer Pre-Participation Physicals, Return to Sport Testing, & Assess the Success of your training programs. The system you choose should have a meaningful report associated with it to clearly articulate the results.
What do you use? 
Thanks to Move2Perform for allowing me to share their testing reports

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