Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TankGym Kettlebell Rehab Handouts- Turkish Get Up & Bottoms Up Get Up

The Turkish Get Up is one of my favorite exercises. For patients the TGU offers a functional way to breakdown floor transfers and for personal training clients the TGU is at the foundation of their training. The Turkish Get Up offers a unique way to demonstrate fundamental joint and soft tissue mobility while maintaining stability during postural changes. Once the individual is able to perform the movement competently and safely the Turkish Get Up can also be used as a movement prep activity prior to sport and as a reset after. Demonstrating coordinated motor patterns through a full range before and after activity allows the individual to monitor the effects of their activity on fundamental movement patterns thus giving instant feedback to how sports specificity has the potential to alter fundamental movement patterns.
Once the TGU is mastered the Bottoms Up Get Up will up the ante and challenge the neuromuscular system in new ways. Enjoy.

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