Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pre-Participation Physicals: Upper Quarter Y Balance Test

As we continue to develop our approach to testing and screening here is a look back at some of the topics covered:  Hop Testing, Lower extremity Balance Testing, Movement Screening, Ankle range of motion testing, Painful Athletes.

Our next stop on this journey:
The Upper Quarter Y Balance Test (UQ-YBT) is a relatively new test that looks at the upper extremities in a closed kinetic chain posture. The test is performed starting from the "Up" position of a push up; the athlete maintains single hand balance (the stance hand) on one side while simultaneously reaching to the edge of their ability (stability) with the other in 3 directions. The test is then repeated on the other side and results are compared for symmetry and against their peer group (same age, gender, sport, & competition level). 

It can be a challenging test for many as it can quickly identify an individuals Right/Left differences (asymmetries) and add to the objective measures we are basing our Pre-Participation & Return to Sport recommendations on.
Here is a quick video demonstrating the UQ-YBT (Upper Quarter Y-Balance Test)

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