Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pre-Participation Physicals (What if the Athlete is in current Pain?)

Thank you for checking in with me again. Today I want to take a minute to make a distinction between painful and non-painful movement.

When I am talking about Pre-Participation Physicals I am describing what we do with all athletes to identify movement limitations/asymmetrical patterns in the non-painful athlete. These screens and tests allow us to categorize an individuals musculoskeletal injury risk (that is there potential for future injury compared to their peer group) . As we test individuals we include pain provocation tests to help us capture outliers, those that may have unknown or un-diagnosed pathology. When we identify pain in an individual we evaluate them differently and here is a great link to help you understand why: The Influence of Pain on Movement, by Dr. Kyle Kiesel. 

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