Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pre-Participation Physicals: Closed Chain Dorsi-Flexion

CKC DF is another part of a comprehensive Return to Sport Testing & Pre-Participation Physicals. Below are a few highlights of the CKC DF test.

Hoch et. al. 2011 & Hoch et. al. 2012: The weight bearing lunge test (WBLT) explained a significant portion of the variance within the anterior reach distance signifying this direction of the Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT) may be a good clinical test to assess the effect of dorsiflexion range of motion restrictions on dynamic balance. The Y Balance Test was developed in order to improve methodology and testing efficiency of the SEBT.

Marcrum et. al. 2012 Results- Altering ankle DF starting position during double leg squat resulted in increased knee valgus and medial knee displacement, decreased quad activation & increased soleus  activation. These changes are similar to those seen in individuals with PFPS.

Keep up the great work; Your building a better testing system.

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