Sunday, October 31, 2010


HKC. A year ago I participated in a couple one day seminars on incorporating basic stabilization exercises with kettlebells for shoulder patients. From those initial courses and working with Thomas Knox DPT RKC CSCS in the clinic daily I became more interested in pursuing a better foundation in basic kettlebell exercise technique.
The HardStyle of kettlebell exercise made sense in that the emphasis is on developing strength and power by adhering to the rule of quality over quantity and correct movement matters. In April of 2010 I completed the HKC course in Chicago, IL under the instruction of expert instructors: Jon Engum, Mark Cheng, and a dozen other RKC instructors. It was during this certification course that I knew I had found the training method that fit my beliefs and experiences that matched my rehabilitation background and education. This is what I have been looking for over the past 10 years when I refer a patient to personal training after completing rehab; smart personal training. And this is when I began offering personal training to my former patients that were unable to find it in any of the centers and gyms that are still focused on fixed joint exercises (machines) , and group (spin, yoga, step) defination of fitness.


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