Monday, October 25, 2010

RKC- Russian Kettlbell Certification training

I have been in the process of preparing for the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certification). The decision developed over the past year as I again began to train individuals (post rehab) and teams. I cautiously learned all I could before jumping in but knew that the "way we always do things" was coming up very short of the goal. Most team training programs revolved around 60-90 sessions 2-3 x week for 6-8 weeks; of which in a group larger than 10 usually fell apart and the "most improved something" result is "ok" as long as you can show the coach his stud athlete decreased the 40 yd time. Individual training revolved around either fixed joint machines or Olympic lifting techniques because that is what the client thinks they want in a fitness program. No Thanks not for me, Speed and Agility drills"Speed in a Box", and Plyometrics are a component of a program not a program, Olympic lifting is a sport not a general fitness program. I want to prepare individuals for participation in sport by improving their foundation, a strong foundation upon which sport specific coaches can then place technical movements on and athletes can go on to develop skill needed to excel in their chosen sport. I can't take credit for this concept (Athletic Body in Balance) but it does make sense.


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