Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mentorship Continued

I have heard many times, some what jokingly, "when the student is ready the master will appear".
I loved watching the tv show Kung Fu  I would watch them over and over again, the story line seemed the same; student, bad guy, student has dilemma, student seeks guidance (often does not understand or ignores guidance), fight, student questions the masters unwillingness to help, teaching moment occurs, student ticked off that he still does not understand the masters guidance, goes off in a huff and realizes understanding of a lesson from a few episodes earlier (all be it a little late).
Does any of this sounds familiar?
My point is in my own haste to be the major contributor to a project or to get recognized for my role, I forget to see the masters standing in front of me, teaching and guiding me to be a better student.
Thank you to my mentors, I am fortunate to have many more than I will ever realize. They allow me the opportunity to grow and learn both personally and professionally.


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