Thursday, October 28, 2010

Measuring fitness

One of the key indicators of progress in a fitness program or training regime is attainment of a goal.
In the health and fitness world there are dozens of tests and measures ( fitness evaluations and assessments) used by coaches and fitness trainers: height, body weight, BMI, HR, BP, vertical, sprint speed, 12 minute run, push up test, sit up test....................on and on and on and on. We even a peer-reviewed journal ( Joural of Strength and Conditioning Research )that is dedicated to these type of tests and measures. But what do all these pre-tests really tell us about the individual athlete in front of us and how do these numbers and values add to the development of a quality program to improve their athletic performance?
My question is: WHY do you do the things you do prior to designing and implementing a training program?
And I expect a better answer than because I want to know how it improved after the program is completed, or because the coach wants to know their 40 time.
Defend your methods, ...if you can.


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