Sunday, October 3, 2010

Post undergrad

So, after graduating with B.S. and A.S. I knew everything I need to be successful in health and fitness! Wrong.
I learned over the next 2-3 years that undergrad gives you a broad base of generalized education on a topic to recognize that you do not know much at all about the topic of which said degree is in. So in order to gain the knowledge, that it took 2-3 years of work in the field to realize you barley know, I sought the vast world of continued education courses. Wow what a mess Con Ed can be; you have experts, self-proclaimed experts, gurus, rock stars, and everything in between. Who do you believe and when do you believe them? The vast majority of offerings were either so far off the beaten path it must be crap (or were they?) and others were really just an excuse to go on a vacation (what a joke). The more the course cost the "better" it must be; and on and on and on......feel free to insert your own stories here.
The constant pursuit of further understanding and knowledge that translated into meaningful results back at work can be tiring. Fortunately I had exceptional guidance and mentoring beginning with BobTank. Bob helped to steer me towards ceu's that had the greatest potential to be high quality in content and applicability.
Mentorship has been the key to my having opportunities for success. And the hardest part about being mentored is recognizing when you are in the presence of someone who has the ability and willingness to be your mentor.


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