Friday, October 1, 2010

My perspective

It is very easy for most of us to state our position and beliefs and leave it at that, take or leave it. That only tells a small piece of the total story. I believe that fitness should be more about quality of movement and general function and then once a minimum threshold has been met for movement adding skill (specific sport and sports skills) after.
I started out like most everyone born in the early 1970's. Everything I was taught about health and fitness revolved around team sports participation. As I hit high school, weight lifting was introduced as the missing component that would build a healthy athlete. Our school participated in one of the "chain" programs for the football team and all the lifts were traditional Olympic weightlifting or Powerlifting moves which are narrow focused skill moves that most males in my age group (I'm 37) consider true fitness measures. Even in the nfl there are studies that call into question the value of the traditional measures in the combine used to determine draft pick (poor predictor of athlete performance in the league). During college I cemented my belief in these systems and completed a B.S. in Exercises Science/Sports Medicine from Indiana State University. After ISU I continued to the University of Evansville for the  Physical Therapist Assistant and the Athletic Training programs.



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