Saturday, July 14, 2012

Large Group Pre-Participation Physicals

A few days ago I told you that the military is beginning to adopt a new way to screen movement in the Warrior Athlete and here is a link to check out how we are contributing to that.Automation to Improve Efficiency of Field Expedient Injury Prediction Screening.  You can replicate this with your high school and college athletes, all of them, in a day, really half day if you want. And to make things even better you can know exactly who you need to send to the Ortho doc for follow up, who to send to the athletic trainer/physio for rehab, who to train one on one and who to turn loose with a few individualized corrective exercises.
If you have not already checked into the Y Balance Test  videos to see how fast and easy it is to test an athlete you owe it to yourself to do so. Again, part of my goal as a Certified Athletic Trainer is to provide a better, more meaningful way to contribute to sports physicals. For several years I covered a large Indiana high school and had to plow through hundreds of athletes during a mass physicals nightmare. We did what every other school did, the check list. At best the form covers Past Medical History; and previous injury is by far and away the leading predictive variable of future injury, no doubt. But we can not modify previous injury, we need information that allows us to be proactive, we need to do better than a check list for our athletes.

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