Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pre-Participation Physicals continued

Our Team

Great work so far! We are covering alot of ground quickly in an effort to get you up to speed to the fall school/sports year so hold on tight. By now I hope that you have checked out the Y Balance Test . I also hope that you have looked around the web, read other pre-participation screening research, talked with your colleagues and started to formulate your own thoughts about what we should be looking at in our physicals. My hope is to provide a template for Standard of Practice for the screening of athletes from pre-season screening to return to sport testing. Lets strive to provide objective measures to our clients that are meaningful, lets show that our "sports enhancement/performance improvement/jump/landing/speed/agility/skill/fancy name" make you a better athlete training program really makes you better by lowering your individual injury risk classification and I will continue to guide you to the tools that do just that, we have the research to to it. By the way this is also the leading way to test the Warrior Athlete to help predict musculoskeletal injury risk.

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