Saturday, July 14, 2012

Return to Sport Testing- focused on the part and missing the Athlete in front of us

I get it, I really do. I too only want to research and write about what I think the cool thing is but we really as a profession (pick your favorite or not so favorite sports medicine professional) have to do much better.I Just read another hot off the press peer reviewed pub about a singular injury/surgery, Why are we still selling the sex and sizzle of the Return to Sports Testing and criterion progression for (......................) fill in the blank injury/surgery?
I treat ATHLETES not injuries/surgeries, I treat athletes after injury, I treat athletes after surgery and I test all the athletes using the same EVIDENCE BASED, INJURY PREDICTION TEST(S) AND ALGORITHMS, and then I compare them to the SAME: AGE, GENDER, SPORT AND COMPETITION LEVEL;  not the same surgery group, unless of course they are returning to the All Girls, 14y/o , previously reconstructed ACL, Freshman high school soccer team.  

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